Developing Organisations

Developing Organisations

Organisational Development is the identification, development and delivery of planned and aligned interventions to improve organisational effectiveness. Successful organisations ‘plan and align’ their infrastructure and systems and their culture and competence to deliver their strategic intent. Often organisations run several big projects simultaneously with high investment. A structured approach to alignment ensures a maximum return on investment and a more efficient delivery of organisational aims.

We have experience in complex operational management, start-up and turn around projects. We have helped many clients review their structure, infrastructure and performance as part of continuous improvement or efficiency savings.

Project Management Solutions

We adopt a flexible approach to project management methodology, working with you to develop and deliver a structure that works for you. Often organisations don’t have the luxury of dedicated project resource and often people are given accountability for project delivery in addition to their day jobs. We acknowledge the challenges this brings and will develop a project structure that is sufficient but not labour intensive. Our project managers are also experts in organisational behaviour and will identify potential barriers to success that may not be apparent through reporting mechanisms. We will get to the root cause of critical resistance, to facilitate project deliverables and success

Change Management

Organisations strive to develop change competence and we can support the organisation in applying a planned approach to delivering change effectively.  In addition change uniquely affects individuals depending on the value they place on the change and their perception of the personal impacts of change. We can coach and develop leaders of change and support individuals to manage themselves through change.

Developing Strategy

We have vast experience working with Executives to develop and shape the future of their organisation – developing a vision and identifying the strategic organisational capabilities required to make this a reality. Our approach consists of strategic analysis, strategic choices and the identification of strategic solutions. We can take this a step further and identify the resources required and the individual competencies and capability of your key people.

We can develop strategic documents for you or act as expert facilitators with your key people to help them discover and do this for themselves.

Developing Leaders

We help people to recognise what they need to do to be successful as a Leader and then guide and support them as they put new approaches into practice. We help individuals to find their own way of leading that is authentic building on their own unique capabilities, whilst helping them to improve in the areas that are vital for success in their role.

To be successful in today’s environment people need to engage inspire and develop their people and teams to create superior performance. Real work scenarios are at the heart of our approach enabling participants to solve current business challenges within the supportive environment of our development sessions.

Developing People

£16billion is spent on training each year – don’t fail to maximise the potential return on your investment in developing your people!
We work with our clients to take a holistic approach to tailoring development solutions that underpin your wider goals and build in evaluation measures to demonstrate your outcomes.
Our pragmatic approach facilitates the transfer of learning to the workplace. Any learning that is not applied is the knowledge equivalent of ‘scrap’

  • Business partner development
  • Marketing your services
  • Customer / patient experience
  • NLP at work
  • Coaching
  • Personal effectiveness
  • Managing people
  • Objective assessment (interviewing or appraisal Skills)
  • Managing change
  • Team effectiveness
  • Evaluation and measuring success

Developing Teams

We help teams work through their issues and critique what they do, working for a common purpose and developing their identity, their purpose, their operating principles and their performance.

Developing In-house Solutions

  • Development centres
  • Assessment centres
  • Interviewing
  • HR policy development
  • Management development programmes
  • 360 degree feedback and coaching